I am lucky enough to have been raised in Quebec, probably one of the few parts in the world where men and women are almost completely equal. In my entire life, I have never felt discriminated because I’m a woman and I have always thought I had the exact same opportunities available to me as a man would. I was raised exactly like my brother was – our parents treated us the same way and rules applied to us equally. But as I grew up, I realized there was still a lot of work to be done for equal chances and opportunities between men and women here in Quebec, and everywhere else in the world.

I am a feminist. I feel like I shouldn’t even have to state this – everyone should be a feminist. My parents and my brother are all feminists and that's the environment in which I was raised. So you can only imagine my shock when, with online media, I realized that it was not a generally accepted principle (as we call it in accounting). When Emma Watson announced she was a feminist at the ONU, I was extremely disappointed that it caused such a big discussion where too many people were against her speech. I realized that many people associate such negativity to the word and this has to stop. Being a feminist means wanting true equality between men and women - it is not synonym to a woman burning her bra over the weekend. So it's time to get over this negative association and accept the true meaning of the word.

My blog has been around for almost 5 years now. During those years, I have come to learn so much about the fashion and blogging industries. I have written hundreds of articles and got to experience some fantastic events as well as meeting incredible people and making some new friends. That being said, I’m also not the same person I was 5 years ago. I live in a different city, I’m almost done with university, and above all I have a much better idea of who I am and what I want to be. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I’m one step closer (although you probably can't ever figure yourself out completely).

Fashion blogging can be extremely time-consuming as well as a money pit. Most people think that any fashion blogger gets tons of free clothes and is a millionaire in a couple of days. That’s so far from the truth! Yes I’ve gotten a few things for free over the years but I’ve mostly just spent tons of money on clothes to showcase them on my blog. And you know what? I’m tired of it. I want a simpler life where I don’t need to show everything I’m wearing and where I don’t have to post what I’m doing at every minute of the day. It took me some time to come to this conclusion, but I’m glad I’m taking this decision. It’s scary to stop doing something that’s become such a big part of my life, but I’m sure even better things are ahead!

This February, I will not be attending the New York Fashion Week as I’ve decided to take some time away from all the Fashion Week craziness. This is why I’ve decided to share all the things I’ll miss and not miss from skipping the Fashion Week this year, and hopefully you’ll learn something you didn’t know about the infamous fashion event!

First off, here’s what I’ll miss.


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